virtual coach

Omnic Forge's Innovative AI helps you play at your best by delivering game breaking coaching insights, developed by and for professional esports coaches.

The Heart of the Forge

Virtual Coach

  • Receive actionable insights to take your game to the next level
  • Find out the play style that suits your skills
  • Your one stop shop for all your gameplay data needs
Forge Insights

Player Cards

You play like a pro. You deserve to look like one. The Forge Player Card is a shareable digital trading card with real-time player esports stats.

Look Professional

Look like the pros with your own digital trading card

True Stats

Player and team statistics extracted from video gameplay


Share on your socials to gain prestige

Improve over time

Level up in the Forge to alter your player card. Earn poses, animations, and custom graphics.

Forge Comparison

1v1 Compare

Compare your gameplay to any other player—professional or amateur—using in-depth statistical breakdowns. See how your skills stack up versus professional players, teammates and friends.

New skills updated every time you play

Go head-to-head against anyone who needs to be smacked down - friends, teammates, professionals - you name it

Find out whose best.

Highlight Reel

Forge provides professionally edited, personalized highlight reels perfect for sharing with friends and as recruitment tools for outreach to esports coaches, sponsors and advertisers.

Professionally edited personalized highlight reels from each of your games
Get noticed by clans, clubs, and coaches
Add that X-Factor with professional voice narration