ai esports coach

AI Coaching Insights (Get a PhD in Pwnage)

  • Get better at the games you love, whether you're a casual, competitive, or professional esports player
  • Personalized results based on your actual gameplay
  • Spend more time playing the game and less time watching Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok
  • Available for Valorant, Fortnite, and Overwatch 2 with Rocket League coming soon
Forge Insights

Advanced Analytics (Unleash Your Inner Gaming Genius)

AI powered aim analysis

Match recap and stats without API reliance

Round by round summaries

Economy recap

Forge AIM Analysis
Forge Charts
Forge Highlight Reels

Highlight Creation (The Way to Impress)

  • AI detects the most exciting moments of each analyzed match
  • Automatically generates a personalized highlight reel
  • Allows creators to produce more content with less resources
  • Any gamer can become a creator

AI Chat

Ask Forge anything!

Instant coaching advice, gameplay tips, etc.

Customized results, based on your most recent analyzed match

Ask Forge for advice

Forge Player Cards

Dress to Impress. You play like a pro. You deserve to look like one.

Flaunt your gaming expertise with a shareable digital trading card boasting your real-time esports stats.

Monitor your growth with match cards and career cards—ideal for showcasing your gaming supremacy.

Forge Player Card

Improve over time

Level up in the Forge to alter your player card. Earn poses, animations, and custom graphics.

Forge Comparison

1v1 Compare (The Ultimate Showdown)

Put your skills to the test against anyone—friends, teammates, rivals, or even the pros.

With skill updates every time you play, the thrill of competition stays fresh.

Determine the true champion, claim unparalleled bragging rights, and bask in the glory.

Forge Plays Like TDawg

Plays Like

Meet Your Esports Doppelgänger

Curious which esports pro or influencer shares your gaming flair? Our AI delves into your gameplay style and identifies your esports twin.

Get motivated and learn from the masters by following their Twitch, YouTube, and social media channels. Your path to stardom starts here!