Omnic.AI is a global leader in esports player performance data and analytics. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help players improve through our flagship platform Omnic Forge.

Whether an amateur gamer, or a battle-tested pro, Omnic Forge hammers out the in-depth analysis needed to notch victories!

Our leading esports AI analyzes performance using proprietary algorithms developed here at Omnic. Esports players create an account, upload video(s), and instantly receive customized coaching recommendations.

Esports are exploding in popularity and changing the face of sports, allowing a wide range of athletes to participate. We believe everyone deserves high-level instruction and training.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We are proud to employ and partner with people of all backgrounds who possess the talent, energy and focus to achieve our goals as an esports company—and as humans. Every member of our team is encouraged to be themselves. We value individuality just as much as we do competition and collaboration.

Our goal is to redefine how esports organizations recruit, train and assess players' abilities by disrupting traditional performance measures using AI, advanced statistical analysis and computer vision. We place equal effort on working with amateur players, professionals and persons with differing or neurodivergent abilities.

Our Team

Shaun Meredith

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

"We need a bigger hammer"

Chuck Goldman

Chief Revenue Officer, Co-Founder

"Who? What?"

Trevor Gionet

Chief Technical Officer

"Everyone loves Magical Trevor"

Francis Thai

Chief Marketing Officer

"How many ways can we skin this cat?"

Peter Domingos


"They used to call me pacman."

Kevin Knoll

Business Development Jungler

"aka 'S#*!-tank'"

Robert Shepard

Marketing Assist

"I love Fortnite. I love Valorant."

Jon Miller

Marketing Assist

"stay sus"

Social Impact

Our co-founders met while working together on a campaign to put a laptop in the hands of every middle school student and teacher in Maine. One of our goals is to bridge the digital divide by helping build the tech economy in Maine and across the country.

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Our vision is to redefine how esports organizations recruit, train, and assess a players abilities by disrupting traditional performance measures through advanced statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, and computer vision.

Shaun Meredith - Co-Founder & CEO

Our Mission

To help aspiring gamers to activate their superpowers through actionable insights provided by AI analysis of gameplay video.